1. Returns? 

We do not accept returns or refunds until our customer service team reviews your email. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

2. What if I got or ordered the wrong size?

We have a sizing chart displayed on all apparel items. Please check your invoice to see what size you placed before contacting us. 

3. If my item is returned where does it go?

Your item will be given to goodwill or donated to people who need clothes. We would never resale an already bought item.

4. Where do you ship from?

Charlotte, NC

Dallas, TX

Tijuana, Mexico

Toronto, Canada

Birmingham, UK

Riga, Latvia

Barcelona, Spain

5. How much is shipping?

We offer flat rate shipping. That means shipping changes per item. The type of shipping method used depends on the availability and price offered by the carrier.

6. Why are my items taking forever to be shipped?

ALL orders are made to order. Once when we get your order in full we start to print each thing you order. We take 2-7 weeks to create so please be waiting kindly.

7. How do we find out when a restock will be?

Cherry Apparel announces restocks via Instagram and twitter. Follow us on all our socials to find out when any new restock will be. 

8. Can we find Cherry Apparel in-store?

Cherry Apparel is a online brand 365 days a year but, Cherry Apparel host pop-up shops seasonally. Check out our instagram to figure out our next event!

9. Do you want to carry us in your store?

That would be lovely please get in touch with us so we can sell in-store for those who hate online shopping.

10 . What if I don't see my question on here?