About us

what are we made for?


Our life story starts when Isaiah brought us to life. Cherry Apparel was created based on his insecurities and comfort clothing. Isaiah wanted to create clothing for everyone made for you by people like you

our purpose

To bring out the version of yourself you never believe in or thought was missing. Cherry Apparel is about expressing yourself in any environment. With a world full of so many closed doors, open your own. Cherry Apparel isn't what you wear it's what you feel, to help express yourself and to help feel the best you never felt you could.


"when no one helped me open a door, I decided to open my own door, I decided that no one would ever tell me that I have ‘inconsistencies’ with my work ethic or tell others like me the same thing. I made Cherry Apparel for me but, in 2020 I made Cherry Apparel for you, or that person that believes the world makes them feel terrible and they need an escape from it all. What was Cherry made for?, made for you and I <3" - Isaiah

a message from

Isaiah <3

"For years I've always wanted to start my own business. For me it isn't about the money or to trend / go viral. The creativity is what I strive for, I love creating and designing almost every day. I created Cherry to help express myself and to help express others who feel like the outsider. Cherry Apparel is a safe place and a place to help you express yourself, bring out that confident person who loves and knows because we all miss that feeling. I'm very proud and honored to see anyone wearing our products, and I'm proud to have you read this." - Isaiah

(CEO & Founder of Cherry Apparel)

aka the girlboss of Cherry Apparel